Artificial Intelligence | An Introduction

Ramswarup Kulhary – GeeksforGeeks

The article provides an overview of artificial intelligence and its applications. It discusses the meaning of intelligence and how AI aims to mimic human intelligence. Key ideas include the uses of AI in various industries, different approaches to AI, forms of AI (weak, strong, and superintelligence), and technologies based on AI (machine learning, natural language processing, etc.). The article also mentions the drawbacks and issues related to AI and explores the future of AI technologies.

The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

Leah Zitter – Whatfix Blog

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technology to improve business productivity and efficiency. It encompasses various technologies, including cloud software, AI, blockchain, and robotics. AI has significant applications in customer service, IT and security, sales, business operations, and HR. It can enhance customer experience, detect security threats, boost sales efficiency, automate business processes, and streamline HR functions. Successful digital transformation requires understanding the organization’s goals, change management, and acceptance across the workforce. AI adoption is becoming increasingly common as businesses recognize its potential to drive efficiency and generate savings.