An AI quadcopter has beaten human champions at drone racing

An AI quadcopter has beaten human champions at drone racing August 30, 2023 Authored: Geoff Brumfiel Published: NPR Summary: A small quadcopter drone powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has outflown human competitors in races. Developed in Switzerland, the drone used a combination of supervised learning, conventional programming, and reinforcement learning to master racing courses. While […]

Artificial Intelligence | An Introduction

Ramswarup Kulhary – GeeksforGeeks

The article provides an overview of artificial intelligence and its applications. It discusses the meaning of intelligence and how AI aims to mimic human intelligence. Key ideas include the uses of AI in various industries, different approaches to AI, forms of AI (weak, strong, and superintelligence), and technologies based on AI (machine learning, natural language processing, etc.). The article also mentions the drawbacks and issues related to AI and explores the future of AI technologies.

7 Common Myths About AI

Sebastian Schaal – Medium

This article debunks several myths about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL). It clarifies the distinctions between these terms, the role of data in ML, and the limitations of neural networks compared to the human brain. It also emphasizes that superintelligence is still a distant concept and that open-source initiatives have democratized ML research beyond major tech companies.