Entering the age of artificial truth

Entering the age of artificial truth August 27, 2023 Authored: Michael P. Ferguson Published: The Hill Summary: The article discusses concerns raised by experts like Gary Marcus and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku about the impact of open-source AI tools, particularly large language models, on the internet. These tools can create echo chambers of flawed information […]

Three things to know about how the US Congress might regulate AI – Some key themes are emerging.

Tate Ryan-Mosley – MIT Technology Review

The US is gearing up for significant AI policymaking, with Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer outlining key principles for AI regulation. Themes include protecting innovation, aligning AI with democratic values, and questioning the future of Section 230. The focus is on maintaining the US’s advantage over Chinese tech while fostering responsible governance. Schumer plans to kick off invite-only discussion groups in Congress this fall. However, the debate on AI regulation may be complex, and tech companies may face challenges in identifying and labeling AI-generated content. The EU’s recent regulations are influencing the US’s approach.