To Live

What does this 1994 epic tell us about the tumultuous period in Chinese history (the civil war of the late 1940s and the first decades of Maoist rule) that is its setting? How does the character arc of its protagonist, Fugui, convey his maturation, his growth as a husband and father, and the effect of […]

AI & Deterrence

Artificial Intelligence enhances deterrence capabilities in various ways, contributing to the overall effectiveness of military strategies and national security. Deterrence aims to dissuade adversaries from taking certain actions by convincing them that the costs or risks outweigh the potential benefits. So, how does AI, particularly machine learning, serve as a force multiplier in the development […]

AI & Education 3: Plagiarism

When we think of AI, the “elephant in the room” for educators is Plagiarism. This is the third installment from Dr. Jovana Davidovic on AI & Education, this time, addressing Plagiarism. Does the use of AI tools mean plagiarism across the board? What is the connection between Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI, where […]

AI & Education 2

We continue our discussion of AI & Education. Data Analytics can inform a teacher as to the relative quality of a student’s work. AI can analyze large volumes of educational data to identify trends and patterns related to student performance and engagement. Educators can use this information to make data-driven decisions, such as identifying struggling […]

Dr. Strangelove

What does this 1964 black comedy about a nuclear doomsday scenario tell us about the strategic thought surrounding potential nuclear war between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. during the early years of the 1960s? How does the film play with the concept of a ‘doomsday machine’ as described in the strategic literature of the day? […]

AI & Education 1

We talk about AI in general, and then get specific on several fronts. What does Personalized Learning mean, and how does AI assist in its application? Are intelligent tutoring systems different from personalized learning? Are there ways to fairly integrate automated grading and feedback into a teacher’s workflow? Professor Jovana Davidovic (PhD) is an Associate […]

Life is Beautiful

What does this 1997 film, set in fascist Italy during WWII, tell us about the gathering threat in Northern Italy for its Jewish citizens, and how the main character, Guido and his family cope with it? Why does the film explore the Holocaust in the guise of one half of the film being a romantic […]

Mind & Body Workouts

We continue our conversation with CAPT Franky, the senior Naval Special Warfare Officer on the Yard. He breaks down the elements of the exercises that lead to Strength, Speed, Stamina and Stoicism. How do the Wisdom workouts help you know your limits? What does Courage have to do with pushing yourself? How can a Temperance […]

Meet the Robinsons

How does this 2007 animated feature play with the premise of time travel and multiple histories or parallel universes? How does the film cause us to consider the plausibility of its main character, Lewis, being able to interact with his adult self after having time travelled into the future? How does the film illustrate the […]

Cardinal Virtues and Physical Training

The Naval Academy’s mission begins with the statement: To develop Midshipmen morally, mentally and physically. On this podcast, we talk about one of the ways we combine all of these aspects of the mission into a single set of events. How does mental toughness contribute to physical toughness? Where do the cardinal virtues inform the […]