A 50-year Journey

In this episode of RadioStockdale, host Michael Sears recounts his transformative journey from the Naval Academy to the Marine Corps, civilian life, and back to the Yard at the Stockdale Center. He highlights the enduring lessons of integrity, leadership, and ethical decision-making learned throughout his career. Through personal reflections and professional insights, he emphasizes the […]


What does this 1984 film, a largely fictional account of the relationship between Mozart and fellow composer Antonio Salieri, tell us about the mix of jealousy disgust and admiration that motivates Salieri as he deals with the profane Mozart? How does the movie portray Salieri’s conflicted love/hate relationship with God, and use the contrast between […]

Character Driven Leadership

Our guest is the Commandant of Midshipman, Col James Mcdonough, USMC. We discuss how the principles of character and resilience influenced the evolution of his leadership style, from Midshipman to Marine Colonel. We go on to talk about the changing landscape of technology in modern warfare, the evolving role of women in leadership positions, and […]

Godzilla Minus One

How does this 2023 film, which is set in post-WWII Japan, explore the complex emotions of its main character, Koichi, as he deals with survivor’s guilt? How does he compound the shame he has for having been too afraid to undertake his kamikaze mission in the late days of the war? When he and his […]

AI and Educational Integrity

How does the Naval Academy balance the potential educational benefits of generative AI with the need to maintain educational integrity and the development of critical thinking skills in Midshipmen? Given the nuanced approach to AI in classroom settings, what challenges have you faced in implementing and enforcing policies on the use of generative AI, and […]


What does this 1976 film, which tells the story of a failing television network, and the psychological breakdown of its primary news anchorman, Howard Beale, tell us about market forces in media and the import of ratings in generating income? Why does the programming director, Dianne Christinsen, have no problem with exploiting Beale’s mental breakdown? […]

Planet of the Apes

How does this film make use of relativistic time dilation to set up its twist ending, where Taylor discovers he is on Earth in the distant future, after humanity suffered some great catastrophe (probably a world-wide nuclear war)? How much does Dr. Zaius, the ‘defender of the faith,’ know about Taylor, human history on Earth, […]

AI and the Classical Greeks

How might the philosophies of the classical Greeks apply to today’s AI technologies? Does the concept of a virtuous life translate into the development and use of artificial intelligence? Given their belief in the value of seeking knowledge as a pathway to virtue, how might this principle apply to the creation of AI systems that […]

The Zone of Interest

What does this 2024 film, portraying the family life of Auschwitz Commandant Rudolph Hoss, teach us about that family’s ability to compartmentalize the horrors from which they directly benefit, and what lessons does this hold for us? How does the film make use of the aural atmosphere laying over the mundane activities of the family […]

ENCORE: AI and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

We are at an inflection point in warfare, just as significant as the introduction of gunpowder or the airplane. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is transforming U.S. Joint warfighting and departmental processes through the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Does the JAIC work in the data center, or at the tip of the spear? How […]