A 50-year Journey

In this episode of RadioStockdale, host Michael Sears recounts his transformative journey from the Naval Academy to the Marine Corps, civilian life, and back to the Yard at the Stockdale Center. He highlights the enduring lessons of integrity, leadership, and ethical decision-making learned throughout his career. Through personal reflections and professional insights, he emphasizes the importance of character development and mentorship in shaping the next generation of leaders. In retirement, he is still reachable via email at michael@searsgroup.net.

Michael Sears was the Director of Leadership Innovation at the Boeing Leadership Innovation Laboratory, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy. He spent 30 years in Silicon Valley’s technology sector. Rising from various roles in both large corporations and startups, he eventually became a CEO and founded an Internet media company. Sears holds three U.S. patents for his innovative work and spent a decade as a Venture Capitalist. Prior to his tech career, he served as a Marine Officer, specializing in intelligence and reconnaissance. Sears holds a Bachelor’s degree from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA and JD degree from Stanford University. His diverse background spans military service, entrepreneurship, and leadership in the tech industry.

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