The Next Step in Military AI Multilateralism

Summary: In November 2023, alongside the AI Safety Summit, the U.S. updated its Political Declaration on Responsible Military Use of AI, gaining new signatories like the U.K., Japan, and others, to promote safer AI use in military contexts. This non-binding document aims to lead global discourse on military AI, emphasizing “responsible use” over outright bans. Despite criticism for its non-binding nature and lack of specifics, the addition of over 50 countries signifies a step towards consensus on ethical military AI use. The declaration includes commitments to minimize bias and ensure AI systems are transparent, auditable, and under human control, specifically excluding mention of AI’s role in nuclear command, reflecting the complex diplomatic landscape. The U.S. aims to broaden this consensus, focusing on countries that might host or integrate autonomous systems in their military operations, highlighting the importance of human control over AI, especially in nuclear command, and suggesting avenues to solidify this principle internationally.

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