Mind & Body Workouts

We continue our conversation with CAPT Franky, the senior Naval Special Warfare Officer on the Yard. He breaks down the elements of the exercises that lead to Strength, Speed, Stamina and Stoicism. How do the Wisdom workouts help you know your limits? What does Courage have to do with pushing yourself? How can a Temperance workout lead to patience, moderation, and attention to detail? And finally, how does the Justice workout build teamwork and leadership knowledge as you burn calories?

CAPT Frank Franky, USN is the Senior Naval Special Warfare Representative at the USNA. He is also currently serving as the Deputy Director for Ethics at the Stockdale Center. Most recently he served as the Commander of the Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula, responsible for the execution of the full spectrum, multi-domain, joint special operations, actions, and investments on the Arabian Peninsula. He participated in joint combined special operations around the world. He deployed extensively on contingencies and named operations to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, and the Western Hemisphere (Caribbean, Central and South America). He was recently honored with the title “Knighted Commander of the Government of Columbia”.

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