Cardinal Virtues and Physical Training

The Naval Academy’s mission begins with the statement: To develop Midshipmen morally, mentally and physically. On this podcast, we talk about one of the ways we combine all of these aspects of the mission into a single set of events. How does mental toughness contribute to physical toughness? Where do the cardinal virtues inform the manner and type of exercises one can do? And how does Accountability in the Execution, Situational Awareness, Readiness/Safety and Communications inform the mind and body to make you stronger, faster and more resilient?

CAPT Frank Franky, USN is the Senior Naval Special Warfare Representative at the USNA. He is also currently serving as the Deputy Director for Ethics at the Stockdale Center. Most recently he served as the Commander of the Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula, responsible for the execution of the full spectrum, multi-domain, joint special operations, actions, and investments on the Arabian Peninsula. He participated in joint combined special operations around the world. He deployed extensively on contingencies and named operations to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, and the Western Hemisphere (Caribbean, Central and South America). He was recently honored with the title “Knighted Commander of the Government of Columbia”.

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