Dr. Jovana Davidovik – “What’s Wrong with Wanting a Human in the Loop?”

 In a new paper article published in The Texas National Security Review’s journal War on the RocksStockdale Center Senior Fellow Jovana Davidovic, address and challenges a common presupposition of much of the literature on Artificial Intelligence.  The title makes plain her challenge:  

“What’s Wrong with Wanting a Human in the Loop?”

The introduction of the paper:

At the recent conference on the ethics of AI-enabled weapons systems at the U.S. Naval Academy, well over half the talks discussed meaningful human control of AI to some extent. If you work among the AI ethics community, and especially among those working on AI ethics and governance for the military, you are hard-pressed to find an article or enter a room without stumbling on someone literally or metaphorically slamming their fist on the table while exalting the importance of human control over AI and especially AI-enabled weapons. No meeting or paper on the ethics of AI-enabled weapons is complete without stressing the importance of having a human in the loop, whether in the now outdated sense of meaningful human control, or in the recently more popular sense of appropriate human judgment. It often seems like everyone agrees that having human control over AI weaponry is a good thing. But I am not so sure that “meaningful human control over AI” is the panacea everyone seems to make of it.Access the full article here:

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