Cultural Connection and Empathy

How and why does Empathy matter? What about Mindfulness? What comes first, empathy or self-awareness? We discuss the importance of how a culture organizes its time and space, and how that relates to connection. How can a Midshipman develop empathy?

Dr. Clementine Fujimura is the Director of Area Studies at USNA. As the sole anthropologist at the Naval Academy, Professor Fujimura has served the Naval Academy community extensively since 1993, supporting the mission in creating adaptable, successful officers who will lead a diverse Navy and Marine Corps at home and abroad. She has published widely on the subject of marginalized youth groups in Russia, as well as military culture in the United States and Germany. She has received the USNA 2021 Civilian Faculty Service Excellence Award, developing much of the coursework in Foreign Area Studies and currently teaches three of the essential classes, as well as language classes in German and Russian. She has supported the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, the Leadership Ethics and Law Department, and the International Programs Office.

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