When can I blame the Artificial Intelligence?

What is the Responsibility Gap with respect to Artificial Intelligence? Should you always trust an AI weapon system to make the right call? Why is it important to have explanations of algorithmic outputs? What do different scholars have to say about how t

Jovana Davidovic (PhD, University of Minnesota, 2011) is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Iowa, where she also holds a complimentary appointment at the Law School and the Center for Human Rights. Her research focuses on military ethics and philosophy of international law and has been published in venues such as Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Journal of Military Ethics, Ethics and International Affairs, Journal of Applied Ethics, and others. Davidovic has also worked extensively as an ethics consultant, most recently serving as the Chief Ethics Officer for BABL AI, an algorithmic bias auditing and ethics consultancy. She is a resident Fellow at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.

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