Dr. James Giordano, Dr. Diane DiEuliis, “Balancing Act: Precision Medicine and National Security”

In a new paper published in Military Medicine, Stockdale Center Distinguished Fellow Dr James Giordano, and Dr Diane DiEuliis of National Defense University address the promise, possibilities and problems posed by advances in precision medicine to public health and national security.

The Abstract of the paper:

Developments in genetics, pharmacology, biomarker identification, imaging, and interventional biotechnology are enabling medicine to become increasingly more precise in “personalized” approaches to assessing and treating individual patients. Here we describe current scientific and technological developments in precision medicine and elucidate the dual-use risks of employing these tools and capabilities to exert disruptive influence upon human health, economics, social structure, military capabilities, and global dimensions of power. We advocate continued enterprise toward more completely addressing nuances in the ethical systems and approaches that can—and should—be implemented (and communicated) to more effectively inform policy to guide and govern the biosecurity and use of current and emerging bioscience and technology on the rapidly shifting global stage.Access the full paper here:

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